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At Diamond Defence, we are proud to offer highly specialized AR15 courses tailored to meet the needs of both private individuals and the military. Our experts are committed to excellence in training and set the highest standards to meet your needs for knowledge and skills in the use of these modern firearms.

For private individuals: Perfect your skills

Our AR15 courses for private participants are designed to not only provide you with the basic knowledge of handling these weapons, but also to perfect your shooting skills. From safety aspects to advanced shooting techniques, we offer a comprehensive program that will take your skills to the next level while always emphasizing safety and responsibility.

For the military: Tactical brilliance and operational readiness

Our training for military personnel is designed to promote tactical brilliance and operational readiness. We understand the specific requirements that military use of AR15 weapons entails and therefore offer customized training. From team coordination to challenging tactical exercises, our courses are designed to optimally prepare military personnel for various scenarios.

Why Diamond Defense?

Professional competence: Our instructors are experts in their field and have many years of experience in handling AR15 weapons.
Realistic simulations: Our training programs integrate realistic simulations to provide you with a hands-on and intense learning experience.
Safety First: We place the highest value on safety and emphasize the ethical responsibilities of handling modern firearms.

Whether you are a private individual looking to improve your skills or a member of the military preparing for deployment, Diamond Defence has the customized AR15 courses and training to meet your needs.

Diamond Defence

Your added value with Diamond Defense:

  • Training with professionals
  • Safety first
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Individual support
  • Modern equipment
  • Advanced techniques
  • Many years of experience
  • Community environment

In order to familiarize the shooter with the various components of the AR-15, the training will also include a detailed look at the weapon’s anatomy. This includes the construction of the bolt, barrel, trigger and other components. Understanding how these parts work will not only enable effective troubleshooting, but also successful maintenance and cleaning of the firearm. The advantages and disadvantages of direct and indirect gas-operated loaders are also discussed.

“Another important aspect of AR-15 training is the development of skills in accurate shooting, even under stress. This includes setting up the aiming devices, adopting different shooting positions and effective aiming at different distances.”

The AR-15 platform offers impressive versatility, and effective training should include the use of different accessories and customization options. This can include the use of different sights, grips and other accessories such as weapon lights or laser sights. Shooters should learn how to safely and effectively integrate these elements to optimize their performance and adapt the weapon to their individual needs.

In addition to the technical aspects, the development of tactical awareness and situational awareness is crucial. Shooters should be able to react quickly and intelligently to changing conditions. Training should therefore include scenarios that simulate dealing with different tactical challenges to sharpen shooters’ skills in the decision-making process.

The journey from beginner to pro:

Level 1: AR15 Handling Basics (Beginner)

For beginners, the first step is to learn the basics of setting up an AR15 and the basic techniques of using it. The focus here is on safe handling, loading and unloading and correct storage of the long gun. Our introductory courses provide a supportive environment in which beginners can learn the basics and build confidence in handling the AR15.

Level 2: Shooting techniques, speed and accuracy (advanced)

Once the basics have been established, advanced shooters deepen their skills in shooting from different positions and on the move. Posture optimization and quick changes between targets are topics that are covered intensively in this phase. Our advanced courses provide a challenging environment to take shooting skills to a new level.

Level 3: Tactics for professionals

Professional shooters will find a challenging arena in our courses. Tactical applications, scenario simulations and training under realistic conditions are key elements of this advanced training. Our instructors, experienced professionals themselves, offer insights and tips to further hone skills.

Each training session begins with a short refresher in weaponry and safety in the shooting environment. The focus here is on adherence to the 4 safety rules, which forms an essential basis for the entire training.

After the training, each participant will emerge with increased safety and ability. Participants will not only improve technical skills, but also an awareness of the responsibility that comes with handling firearms.



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