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A4 Pistol-Targets

Diamond Defence’s Drill Pistol Targets offer added value for shooters of all experience levels. The Drill Pistol Targets not only serve as a simple means of evaluating accuracy and speed, but also offer numerous benefits that can improve training and performance. The ability to clear malfunctions or reload weapons quickly is also increased.

Due to the A-4 format, these can be printed by yourself and are therefore very cost-effective.

five to five 6.0

Diamond Defence Target five to five 6.0

Stress-Test 7.5

Diamond Defence Pistol Target Stress Test 7.5

Triple Threat 1.0

Diamond Defence Target Triple Threat 1.0

The Big D 1.0

Diamond Defence Pistol Target The Big D 1.0

Do not shoot 1.0

Diamond Defence Pistol Target Not shoot 1.0

Shoot & Sweat 1.0

Your added value with Diamond Defence:

  • Training with professionals
  • Safety first
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Individual support
  • Modern equipment
  • Advanced techniques
  • Many years of experience
  • Community environment

The journey from beginner to pro:

Level 1: Pistol handling basics (beginner)

For beginners, the first step is to learn the basics of pistol handling. The focus here is on safe handling, loading and unloading and correct storage of the pistol. Our introductory courses provide a supportive environment in which beginners can learn the basics and build confidence in handling firearms.

Level 2: Shooting techniques and precision (advanced)

Once the basics have been established, advanced students deepen their skills in shooting techniques and precision. Breath control, posture optimisation and quick changes between targets are topics that are dealt with intensively in this phase. Our advanced courses provide a challenging environment to take shooting skills to a new level.

Level 3: Tactics for professionals

Professional shooters will find a challenging arena in our courses. Tactical applications, scenario simulations and training under realistic conditions are key elements of this advanced training. Our instructors, experienced professionals themselves, offer insights and tips to further hone skills.



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