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Training in the use of the MP5 (HK – Heckler & Koch) or similar weapons such as the VZ Skorpion (CZ – Seska zbrojovka) or the MP9 (B&T – Brügger & Thomet) is of great importance, as it is one of the most frequently used automatic weapons in military, police and specialized tactical units worldwide. This training requires not only technical skill in handling the weapon itself, but also a high level of muscle control due to the small design in combination with the high firepower.

Weapon knowledge: The basis of all MP training is a comprehensive understanding of the weapon. Shooters must not only know the basic parts of the machine pistol, but also understand how it works. This includes the slide, barrel, trigger and other components. Training includes proper handling, maintenance and cleaning of the MP.

Shooting skills: The MP is designed for use at short to medium distances. Shooters must therefore practice accurate shooting in dynamic environments. The training covers various shooting techniques with different firing cadences. The ability to react quickly and accurately to targets is crucial, especially in threatening situations.

Tactical awareness: The MP is often used in close scenarios, including building combat and close quarters situations. Training develops the shooter’s ability to understand and implement tactical concepts such as spatial awareness, rapid response to threats and coordinated teamwork. The use of cover and understanding of angle shots also plays a crucial role.

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Changing weapons and handling: The training also includes changing weapons, i.e. using the MP as a primary weapon and the pistol as a secondary weapon. This includes changing magazines, overcoming jams and restoring the weapon’s operational readiness under stressful conditions. The shooters learn to act calmly and effectively in order to successfully fulfill their mission.

Adaptability: The MP can be customized with various accessories and add-ons such as weapon lights or laser devices. The training will train the shooter to use these elements and adapt their weapon to the specific requirements of their area of operation.

Simulation of real-life scenarios: To prepare shooters for deployment, training should simulate realistic scenarios. This includes walking through buildings, reacting to threats in confusing terrain and working together with other participants. Simulating stressful situations helps shooters hone their skills under real-life conditions.

Training at the MP is an ongoing process that combines technical skills with tactical understanding. Shooters must not only be masters of their weapon, but also be able to react quickly and intelligently to changing situations. The training ensures that they are ready to use their skills effectively in real operational scenarios.



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