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Small Unit Tactics Training (S.U.T. Training) is an intensive training discipline designed to prepare small units of military or security forces to operate effectively in a variety of tactical scenarios. This specialized training is critical to the success of operations where teamwork, precision and quick decision-making are paramount.

A central focus of the training is on communication. Participants learn to communicate effectively with each other, give clear instructions and exchange precise information. This is crucial, as clear communication forms the basis for coordinated actions in tactical situations.

“Small Unit Tactics training also includes the understanding and application of movement tactics. Participants learn to move tactically, seek cover and act strategically to achieve objectives. This includes executing attacks, defensive maneuvers and tactical retreat.”

Another central component of the training is shooting training in the context of small units (over and past shooting). Participants are prepared to use their weapons effectively and in a coordinated manner (muscle control). This includes shooting from different positions, moving while shooting and hitting targets accurately.

Diamond Defence

Your added value with Diamond Defence:

  • Training with professionals
  • Safety first
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Individual support
  • Modern equipment
  • Advanced techniques
  • Many years of experience
  • Community environment

The aim of Small Unit Tactics Training is to produce well-trained and highly skilled teams that are able to operate successfully in dynamic and demanding environments. Training in communication, movement tactics, shooting skills and stress management ensures holistic preparation.

Each tactical shooting training session begins with a short refresher in weaponry and safety in the shooting environment. The focus here is on compliance with the 4 safety rules, which forms an essential basis for the entire training.

After the training, each participant will emerge with increased safety and ability. Participants will not only improve technical skills, but also an awareness of the responsibility that comes with handling firearms (Rule 3).

Our tactical shooting training provides intensive training in a safe and controlled environment. It is designed to give participants a higher level of confidence and competence to act confidently in tactical shooting situations.

Our training courses are based on the fundamental pillars of mindset (psyche), tactics (tactics), skill (skill) and gear (equipment). We support our participants in developing the seven most important character traits for self-defense (Jeff Cooper, Principles of Personal Defense):

  1. Attention: Being surprised by an attack is the worst of all options
  2. Willingness to make decisions: Sitting out dangerous situations is not an option in self-defense scenarios.
  3. Aggressiveness: Only a willingness to use force makes it possible to launch a counterattack. Not to be confused with choleric aggression.
  4. Speed: Defensive measures must be explosive (interruption of the opponent’s O.O.D.A. loop).
  5. Self-control/precision: The ability to remain calm in exceptional situations.
  6. Ruthlessness: The attacker must be prevented from succeeding with all ruthlessness.
  7. Surprise effect: The attack must be repelled aggressively, decisively, quickly, precisely and ruthlessly.

In civilian areas, proportionality must be observed at all times. Any use of firearms (even in self-defense) will result in prosecution by the public prosecutor’s office.



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