Tactical Shooting

Our tactical shooting training is a demanding discipline that offers comprehensive in-depth training in the efficient handling of firearms and tactical shooting techniques. Our training prepares participants for real-life situations. With our tactical shooting training, our participants not only refine their shooting skills but also gain a deeper understanding of tactical approaches.

“Our training courses are structured in such a way that participants of similar experience levels train together. This means that everyone, from beginners to professionals, benefits from the added value based on their individual wealth of experience.”

The core of our training courses is the realistic application of shooting with a long gun as the primary weapon and a pistol as the secondary weapon. Depending on the scenario, the shotgun is also used as a door opener. Participants are introduced to tactical scenarios in which they learn how to act under pressure, aim and shoot effectively. This involves movement tactics, shooting from different positions and hitting targets under realistic conditions.

“We attach great importance to the psychological component of shooting training. In addition to the purely technical aspect, mental preparation is also emphasized. Participants are prepared to remain calm under stress and pressure, make smart decisions and act effectively.”

The training is led by experienced instructors who use their knowledge and practical experience to ensure participants receive first-class training. We not only promote the development of skills, but also raise awareness of the responsible use of firearms.

Diamond Defence

Your added value with Diamond Defence:

  • Training with professionals
  • Safety first
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Individual support
  • Modern equipment
  • Advanced techniques
  • Many years of experience
  • Community environment

Every tactical shooting training course begins with a short refresher in weaponry and safety in the shooting environment. Emphasis is placed on adherence to the 4 rules of safety, which is an essential foundation for the entire training.

After the training, each participant will emerge with increased safety and ability. Participants will not only improve technical skills, but also an awareness of the responsibility that comes with handling firearms (Rule 3).

Our tactical shooting training provides intensive training in a safe and controlled environment. It is designed to give participants a higher level of confidence and competence to act confidently in tactical shooting situations.

Our training courses are based on the fundamental pillars of mindset (psyche), tactics (tactics), skill (skill) and gear (equipment). We support our participants in developing the seven most important character traits for self-defense (Jeff Cooper, Principles of Personal Defense):

Attention: Being surprised by an attack is the worst of all options
Willingness to make decisions: Sitting out dangerous situations is not an option in self-defense scenarios.
Aggressiveness: Only a willingness to use force makes it possible to launch a counterattack. Not to be confused with choleric aggression.
Speed: Defensive measures must be explosive (interruption of the opponent’s O.O.D.A. loop).
Self-control/precision: The ability to remain calm in exceptional situations.
Ruthlessness: The attacker must be prevented from succeeding with all ruthlessness.
Surprise effect: To fend off the attack aggressively, decisively, quickly and ruthlessly, but with absolute self-control.



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